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What Is Sugaring

Hey, sugar! If you’re wondering what sugaring is, you’ve come to the right place. It may sound like something a pastry chef would do, but sugaring is actually an ancient hair removal technique that delivers instantly smooth, beautiful skin and can even decrease hair growth permanently over time. Sure, laser hair removal and basic salon waxes had their moment in the spotlight, but as those trends caught on, many people simply forgot about this awesome hair removal method. Well, that’s all changing. Sugar wax is once again getting the attention it deserves, this time with smart technology and a userfriendly system only available from Sugaring.

Sugaring Cubes for Wax


Sugaring is a far more natural alternative to waxing and laser hair removal (great if you’re pregnant!) and is also ideal for those who are allergic to wax and chemical depilatory/hair removal creams. What looks like molten toffee (close: it’s actually a special formulation of sugar, lemon and nourishing oils), Sugaring effortlessly pulls hair out at the root without ripping or tugging at your skin, unlike traditional wax. Not only that, the results last longer, too. Conventional wax often contains chemical irritants like calcium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and thioglycolic acid that aid in dissolving the root so the hair can lift a bit easier. But what’s that doing to your skin? Yikes. We shudder at the thought. These harsh chemicals have no business on your body, plus they can be harmful when used for a long period of time.

Sugaring Wax Honey Icon


Unlike waxing, Sugaring does not stick to skin, but rather to the hair only, easily removing each and every one at the root without so much as a flinch. Meanwhile, mean old wax adheres to your skin and causes a lot of unnecessary pain and even skin damage. Think of all those times an overly-aggressive waxing technician repeatedly ripped hair out of the same sensitive spot over and over again...leaving your skin raw, red and irritated. Ouch! Yeah, no thanks.

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Those days are over thanks to Sugaring. Sugar simply binds to hair — and hair only. Our gentle, natural formula fills and lubricates the hair follicle so you can extract fuzz from the root in one fell swoop. Easy peasy. Will there be any pain, you ask? Let’s face it, you are removing hair at the end of the day. A little discomfort is to be expected. But the truth is, Sugaring hurts dramatically less than waxing, so those days of gripping the bed like Iron Man are a thing of the past. After you’ve applied our gentle formula, you’ll use a flicking motion to whisk it off in the direction of the hair growth, rather than against it, unlike regular wax. (Read: Again, less pain!) We like to go with the flow.

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The results from Sugaring speak for themselves. You’ll experience less hair breakage, which means no more ingrown hairs. Win! And since hair only needs to be 1.5 mm long, you’ll be removing it when the hair is young and still being nourished by the blood supply, which weakens the follicle over time and results in less growth. Pretty nifty, if you ask us. Our all-natural sugar treatment also has moisturising, skin smoothing and exfoliation benefits all packed in one sweet little package. So it’s perfect for sensitive skin and less likely to cause irritation, too. Aw, sugar, sugar - it’s a sweet deal for smooth skin.

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