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Sugaring started with a mission to transform home hair removal.

We knew there was something missing from the conventional hair removal market, which is unfortunately overloaded with harsh chemicals that aren’t kind to skin. All the products that were available were chock full of skin irritants, toxic ingredients or were just plain ineffective at removing hair at the root without causing a lot of unnecessary pain and ingrowns. We felt it was time for a change.

We set out to mix up something better. The ancient hair removal technique known as Sugaring caught our eye right away. It’s way safer and more natural compared to wax and chemical depilatories, far more affordable than expensive salon hair removal services, and more effective for removing hair at the root than traditional wax. We wondered, how come more people don’t know about this sweet solution?

Our founders got to work whisking and mixing up various recipes until we created one with just the right texture and consistency. Sugaring’s minimal, all-natural ingredients get to the root of hair removal without damaging your precious skin, safely removing hair from the follicle without so much as a flinch. It even has exfoliation benefits. We had a winner!


And so our original formula was born. We hope you love Sugaring just as much as we do!

Sweet, smooth skin is right around the corner.

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