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Sugaring is an easy and all-natural way to remove hair and is less painful than traditional waxing methods. Consistent Sugaring can also help to reduce hair growth. The longer you continue to sugar, the less hair will grow back, so you can get up to 8 weeks^ of sweeter, smoother, silkier skin. Sugaring exfoliates the skin by removing the layer of dead skin cells and helps to improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin. As sugaring removes hair in the same direction, it means that the hair is less likely to break off or become trapped under the skin reducing ingrown hairs. It also tends to hurt less than waxing because it pulls less on the skin while still effectively removing the hair which lessens irritation and redness.


Our organically formulated Sugaring Wax with Lemon uses fresh lemons as the main ingredient.

Lemons are naturally rich in vitamin C and contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help in reducing skin damage, premature aging, and skin pigmentation. Lemons are also a natural way to increase collagen in the face. As an antioxidant, vitamin C may help prevent free radicals that can damage collagen, leaving you with (younger) smoother skin.


Because our all-natural Sugaring Wax with Lemon contains no synthetic fragrances and is hypoallergenic, it’s Ideal for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types.


❤️ 100% all-natural, and gentle

❤️ Removes unwanted hair quickly

❤️ Longer-lasting results

❤️ Moisturising

❤️ Exfoliates while removing hair

❤️ Improves overall appearance and texture of skin

❤️ Reduced hair growth over time

❤️ Less painful than waxing

❤️ Removes hair as short as 1.5mm

❤️ Lessens ingrown hairs

❤️ Water-soluble

❤️ Australian made

Sugaring Wax with Lemon (With Strips) - 150grams

SKU: 41231181
  • Sugar, Water, Lemon


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